klong plu waterfall

Koh Chang Waterfalls

Koh Chang waterfalls are scattered throughout the island. Koh Chang’s interior is made up of 70% tropical rainforest, rocky terrain and mountainous jungle. It’s this rocky and mountainous terrain which creates some of the most spectacular waterfalls, especially during the wet season.

Koh Chang waterfalls range from small rocky tributaries in the dry season, to impressive gushing falls when the wet season is in full swing. You can choose to make their own way to the various Koh Chang waterfalls, or you can join a guided tour of the island and you’ll be escorted to the different attractions throughout the day. Many of the waterfalls can be found deep in the dense jungle, amongst the island’s wildlife.

Keep your eyes peeled as you make you way to any Koh Chang waterfalls because you may encounter a whole range of animals and wildlife; macaques, reptiles, an array of bird species and lots of different insects.

Klong Plu Waterfall

Klong Plu Waterfall, during the wet season, is one of the most popular Koh Chang waterfalls. You’ll find Klong Plu Waterfall down a road at the northern end of Klong Prao beach. It is a short walk to the plunge pool at the bottom where it’s possible to enjoy a revitalising swim in the fresh water. 

Than Mayom Waterfall

Than Mayom Waterfall is another popular attraction and sits on Koh Chang’s east coast, near Na Tara Resort. Of all the Koh Chang waterfalls, this impressive four level waterfall was initially made famous by two previous kings of Thailand, Rama V and Rama VI. Both kings engraved their initials into a rock at the waterfall and still today tourists visit just to see the famous inscription for themselves.

If you are feeling particularly fit and adventurous, head south to Salak Phet and you’ll find Klong Neung and Kheeri Pet Waterfalls. Klong Neung is the tallest waterfall on the island and although challenging to access, is the most awe-inspiring. Kheeri Pet is a little easier to access and has a cascade that ranges dramatically from two to seven levels depending on the season.

A waterfall that seems to be visited the least is called Kai Bae Waterfall. There may only be a single drop from this waterfall but it is simply breath-taking because the water falls from such a height. Opt to enjoy a refreshing swim in Kai Bae’s plunge pool at the bottom and you’ll be surrounded by sounds of the jungle, making any challenging hike to the top well worth the effort.