What is the best beach on Koh Chang?

White Sand beach is the best beach on Koh Chang island.

Koh Chang beaches are among some of the most naturally beautiful beaches in Thailand and are often what attracts so many visitors to the island every year.

Unlike other Thai islands, such as Koh Samui and Phuket, Koh Chang has kept its natural charm and has not been bombarded by too many developments and high rise buildings. Koh Chang beaches still have a rustic and authentic feel to them, with an ever present laid back vibe.

Most of the scenic sandy beaches are on the west coast of the island, with the east coast being mainly rocky with a smattering of small villages and a handful of resorts. The east coast is much better suited to those who really wish to escape for some peace and quiet as there are limited facilities here.

All Koh Chang beaches offer something different and unique.

White Sand Beach is probably one of the most popular Koh Chang beaches. It is the longest beach on the island with plenty of space for everyone, even during high season.

White Sand Beach has a magnificent seascape, perfect for watching the sunsets. It is also one of the most developed Koh Chang beaches with plenty of choice for affordable beach front bungalows, luxury resorts, restaurants, shops, clubs and bars.

Which beach to stay on?

The best Koh Chang beaches for families with young children or older couples are Kai Bae and Klong Prao.

Both beaches tend to be fairly quiet, with little or no nightlife. There are plenty of options for accommodation to suit all budgets; luxury resorts and backpacker bungalows. There are also restaurants galore along this beach too; western style, Thai dishes and street food. Kai Bae is split into two halves; the sand on the southern side tends to be nicer.

If you are looking for party central then the best Koh Chang beaches to head for are Lonely Beach and White Sand Beach.

Lonely beach has the reputation for being the liveliest beach on the island and is the original backpacker destination with parties going on until the early hours.

White Sand has a couple of clubs which stay open late and are a hot sport for backpackers and travelers. A number of sports bars and a zoned strip of beer bars can also be found in this area.

Bang Bao in situated at the most south western point of the island. It is a charming classic fishing village, which has a prominent 700 meter long concrete pier that stretches into the bay. This is the departure point for most of Koh Chang’s diving and snorkelling tours. There is a real community feel to Bang Bao and is still home to traditional Thai fisherman. Klong Kloi beach is a very laid back spot about 1km away.