koh chang taxi songtaew

Transport on Koh Chang

From the early morning until late evening, getting around Koh Chang is reasonably straight forward and simple. Whether you prefer the idea of getting around Ko Chang independently – for example by rental car – , or would rather hop in a taxi and let someone else do the driving, there are a few options on this Thai island.

Songthaew ( Pick-up truck taxi )

You can easily flag down a passing songthaew on its route around the main roads of Koh Chang, hopping off when you wish.

There’s normally a steady flow of taxi’s coming and going from various popular beach locations and attractions across the island. The price you pay for the journey will depend on whether the taxi is heading in that direction already, the time of day and how many other people are travelling in the taxi with you.

You can expect to pay between 50 – 150 THB per person for most journeys. Many of the popular routes around Koh Chang now have fixed prices, so there is very little room for negotiations. Just be sure to confirm the price with the driver before hopping into the vehicle.

There are always taxis waiting at Dan Kao Pier when the boats arrive. This makes life very easy for those who are visiting the island for the first time and would like a straight forward way of getting around Koh Chang when they first arrive.

From this pier you can expect to pay about 100 THB to reach Lonely Beach and about 150 THB to reach Bang Bao. On the (very unlikely) odd occasion when there are no taxis waiting at Dan Kao Pier, simply walk 400 meters to the main road where you should find plenty of them passing by.

Scooter & Car

The main road on Koh Chang is mostly constructed from concrete and almost circles the whole island. There are plans to complete the circuit in the near future so that you will then be able to drive all the way round, without the need to double back on yourself. The roads vary in condition.

Pot holes are a common problem partly due to the harsh summer temperatures it has to endure and partly to the way the roads are constructed. There are only a few tight bends, steep hills and badly maintained roads across the island, which makes getting around Koh Chang pretty easy, whether you are an experienced driver/rider or not.

Cars and 4 x 4’s are available for rental – most hotels can help arrange this for you. A 4×4 car is recommended, as they give you more flexibility to negotiate dirt roads should you wish to. There are a few roads like this around Lonely Beach area.

To rent a motorbike is also a great way for getting around Koh Chang and a good option to save money, as you are avoiding the expensive taxi rides. It further gives you the freedom to ride and explore more remote beaches where you will also find lower rates for accommodation.

Average costs are 250 baht per day for daily rentals, 200 baht per day for 5 days, and 150 baht per day for monthly rentals. Prices are not normally negotiable.

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